Nigeria: Ahmadiyya Opens New Mosque in Lagos


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at has commissioned a new central mosque located near the ancient mosque (built in 1945) in Agindingbi area of Ikeja, Lagos State.

Speaking at the formal opening of the Mosque, the Amir Ahmadiyya Muslim Jaam’at Nigeria, Dr Mash’ud Aderele Fashola said he was happy over the new development because the new mosque is bigger and more presentable.

He said, the new mosque would continue to reinforce the presence of Ahmadiyyah in the area, adding that the facility would provide for respite if any unfortunate occurrence claimed the existing ancient mosque in the future.

Fashola said the incessant killing in the country has taken sophisticated dimension, as some people are allegedly using religion as a potent instrument to destroy the country.

“People are material incline using all means to amass wealth and religion has been discovered to be a potent instrument to capture people. Though, They are using different instrument but religion is the major instrument they are using now because they know that when it comes to religion people are ready to die,” he said.

He said the religious leaders are assumed to be faithful and trustworthy, they have the power and position but they are using it at the detriment of their followers


Amir of Nigerian Ahmadiyya Community Dr Mashuud Adenrele Fasola

Amir of Nigerian Ahmadiyya Community Dr Mashuud Adenrele Fasola

10 replies

  1. Congratulation another good deed. 👍

    We as Muslim should know that Islam do not command Muslim to build ONLY mosque but also to build facturies to provide jobs for People in order they can live in peace, hsppiness and prosperity.

    Rafiq is a good example, he has his own bussiness in Lombok.

    • How many jobs have you made available for humanity? Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has continued to work with their surrounding communities and created many auxiliaries to assist and help humanity all over the globe as evident, and building mosques is another project that Ahmadiyya community has successfully committed itself to. A great achievement indeed

      • @ Riffat—I am just a reminder , you can take it will be benefits, If not it will be fine, because it is from God’s remind. Do not feel bad.

        I feel sad when I see my brother Muslim around the world are the second class to other communities. Whereas God sent Prophet Muhammad pbuh to lift up his followers life as role model for others.
        All our ❤️

  2. How does Saudi Arabia spread Islam?
    They build many mosque every corner on earth, but they ignore / neglect to build many facturies to create jobs.

    What results we see today? Muslim become the second class, unproductive hands or life.

    China, Japan ( Buddhis) and The Western plus USA ( Christian) are productive society on earth.

    What is wrong? The teaching was wrong or Clerics were wrong, misled people?

    What do you think?
    All love❤️

    • The holy Prophet saw cane to eradicate the difference between second class and first class. Don’t you know? There is no shame in being a janitor or a supervisor, a head clerk or a CSR, a receptionist or a teacher, a bus driver or the president etc, as long as you earn an honest day’s labour and work had and work honestly then when you go go pray in the mosque, the king and the janitor still stand side by side. They stand shoulder to shoulder, no one is better ther the other, in Gods eyes. That’s how it is.

      • Wisdom of prophet Muhammad pbuh;
        A good man those whose hand is upon the other hands.
        On other words an employer is better than employees.

        A employer can provide thousand jobs and feed thousand even million people, but a employee can feed only his family.

        A employer can pay tax or zakat a huge money that can help many people who need it. But a employee can pay a small zakat or tax, most they cannot pay zakat.

        Do you want your son to be a employee or an employer?
        I choose to be an employer. What do you think?

        I urge all young Muslim to study harder and work harder and strive to be an employer.
        Am I wrong?

        All our love❤️
        Progressive Muslim

  3. I want my kids to be be good kind hearted and compassion people first, I want them to be spiritual and pure of heart and people who seek the pleasure of Allah, it doesn’t matter if they are employee or employer as long as they earn their money honestly

  4. @ Rifat I am fine if you choose your kids to be a employee.
    But I urge the young Muslim to work harder and study harder and strive to be the best man or to be a employer or Giver instead of employee or receiver.

    Hadith: a good man those whose hand is upon other hand.
    Jesus : a good man those who leave inheritance to his children and grandchildren.

    Those who follow the sunah how to earn money will be blessed a lot from God.

    All ❤️
    Progressive Muslim want to change the old interpretation of Islam.

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