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I have never before offered my HuffPost blog to friends on our Threshold Society list, but I feel it is urgent to share something about the financial tyranny that is governing life on this planet. There are many problems in today’s world, but practically all of them can be traced back to out-of-control finance capitalism and the tyranny of debt. It is an issue of profound moral consequence and therefore should be addressed as a religious issue. The implications for people of our spiritual path will be obvious.I believe the media is not asking the right questions; the frame of reference needs to shift to a wider historical perspective to understand where we really are and how we got here.If you haven’t already, watch: Zeitgeist: Addendum (this is #2 of the Zeitgeist series).

I hope you will read the whole article, “Like it” on FaceBook, share it with friends, and/or comment. This will help to bring it more to the forefront of Huffington Post. More than a hundred people have already “liked” and “shared” this article in the 10 hours since it was published. This article is the result of years of researching and reflecting on this problem, and I have tried to distill it to its essence.
Brief excerpts from:
by Kabir Helminski,

What if our religions and many great philosophers were right about usury? What if there is something inherent in the creation of interest-bearing debt that leads to profound economic injustice?


Yes, it is difficult to grasp how fundamentally our monetary system needs to change in order to avert economic and environmental catastrophe. There are two interconnected problems here: one is the intrinsic nature of debt-with-interest that empowers capital to prevail over human needs. The second is the extent of the privileges given under the current financial architecture to the worldwide financial elite, namely the Fed and other central banks.


Jesus threw the banksters out of the temple and proposed the forgiving of debts. People of good faith must try to understand this system of debt-enslavement and organize to end it. Our economy requires the suicidal increase of consumption to meet the requirements of increasing debt. It is a profoundly unrealistic and unsustainable trajectory that makes an idol of profits no matter what the cost to human life and dignity. We need a new vision of economic justice, a sustainable economic system that respects the sacredness of life.


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