Video: Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa by Iqbal Sung by Tina Sani

Aerial View of Mecca

The Hajj is a symbol of universal brotherhood and every time we visit Mecca or look at a picture of Kaaba or face towards it for Salat, it should remind us of this fundamental non-sectarian Islamic teaching

The title of the poem Shikwa in urdu means complaint (to God) while Jawab e Shikwa means response (by God) to the complaint. In these poems, the famous poet Iqbal praises the legacy of Islam and laments the sorry fate of Muslims in modern times and makes an effort to motivate Muslims with his inspirational verses.

History shows that his pen has inspired scholarship but has failed to free Muslims from the grip of intolerance and ignorance. Nonetheless, his poetry did powerfully articulate the despair felt by Muslims and what God, as he imagined, thought of Muslims of the 20th century.

For English Translation of this complete poem, click here.

Here is the video in which Tina Sani is singing the portions of this poem:

Please feel free to comment below what is needed to turn Muslims into a constructive and peaceful civilization.

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We have saved this video in the Muslim Times as well:


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