Humanity First in The Philippines- Recent update and pictures from the field

By Brain Wilson —

The HF teams members working in the disaster hit areas;

HF Canada – Mr. Brian Wilson, Mr. Hassan Naeem, Mr. Ataul Wahid

HF Indonesia  – Mr.Fakih Ahmad, Mr. Doni Sutriana, Mr. Arif Rahman Hakim

HF Philippines – Mr. Abdul Wahhab Salvatierra

November 20, 2013

Installation of one more NOAH water purification system on Danao Danao Island (off the coast of Concepsion) has been done. A request to visit another island off the coast further has been received, which will require helicopter support. So a request for access to a helicopter through the Canadian military has been submitted. More NOAH water purification systems,  along with more filters, etc are needed with the next team from HF Canada flying this week to the Philippines.
Work is being done with WHO to identify some potential healthcare facilities where installation of water purification system is required.
Work is also under way with UNICEF on Temporary Learning Structures (TLS)  for kids. The needs of a TLS for one (1) school (400 students) is:
– 5 Tents @ $1,969.58ea
– 2 elementary library kits @ $376.34ea
– 2 elementary sport kits @ $181.21ea
– 400 student kits @ $10.89ea
– 10 teacher kits @ $15.68ea
TOTAL COST: $15,475.80
The shipment cost is being assessed. UNICEF is already shipping quite a few tents to setup, but not nearly enough, so HF teams are working on sourcing some of those supplies locally to begin a limited distribution  and also working on sourcing more components for a larger scale distribution ASAP.

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