Two Muslim girls leave nursing school over hijab ban in Prague

ČTK | 11 NOVEMBER 2013

Prague, Nov 8 (CTK) – Two Muslim girls left a nursing secondary school in Prague as they were not permitted to wear their hijabs, being the first to have ended their studies for this reason in the Czech Republic, Czech Television (CT) said Friday.

CT said the case would probably end up with the ombudsman’s office and lawyers were considering filing an anti-discrimination lawsuit.

The principal of the Prague school Ivanka Kohoutova said the school had made no mistake.

She said since the law did not define the wearing of hijab, schools could create their own rules.

However, human rights organisations are of the view that this is discrimination and intervention in personality rights, CT said.

When entering the school, the two Muslim girls, one Somali woman, aged 23, and an Afghan woman, 25, found out that teaching in hijab was impossible, it added.

“The principal summoned me and told me: ‘If you want to be in the school, you must not wear the scarf.’ I said this was against my religion as I am a Muslim,” Nasra, one of the women, told CT.

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10 replies

  1. If they do not want to follow the rules at school then why they joined that school to begin with. I have also heard parents of some muslim girls suing some Catholic schools in Indonesia such that their daughters do not have to wear the school uniform, and instead be allowed to wear muslim garbs. Again, their parents know it too well that those are Catholic schools and they have established uniform rule. If they want their daughters to wear muslim garbs then enroll them in muslim school. Similarly, no student will be allowed to wear Hindu robes while attending muslim school, right?

  2. The shoe should be put on the other foot so that that wearer knows how it hurts. What would be the reaction of the Saudi authorities if a non muhammadan girl showed up in school not wearing the hijab? She will be lucky to escape with her life. Muhammadans should not expect their hosts to bend over backwards for them. If they cannot conform with the rules of their hosts countries, I believe that the way back to their countries still remains open.There can be no two sets of rules in the same system.

  3. You people show such intolerance! It’s so strange that you are more tolerant of a state of undress rather than dress.

    What is it about covering of our heads that (nurses do as part of their uniforms, have a little cap like think on their heads, anyway), causes such a reaction in non-Muslims?

    Would you rather have your mothers, sisters, wives, etc., go around half naked with all the strange men around gawking at them or have them modestly dressed and exhibit self-respect when out?

    Do you ever think about what you say?

    And please don’t keep giving the example of Saudi Arabia – it does not represent Islam.

    There are many countries of the 3rd world where every religion is respected and so is it’s dress code and another’s is not imposed on the ones who are not the followers of that faith.

    So, all these Western countries still can learn quite a lot from developing nations. And tolerance is one of those things.

  4. All the stories that we read about Hijab have one thing in common: (practically) all the ladies that wear the hijab do it out of their own free will. They only feel ‘forced’ when told to take it off!

  5. Saudi Arabia does not represent islam? Who does? The Saudis are the custodians of muhammadanism. What they do is the example for others. However, it is not just in Saudi Arabia that such intolerant behavior is encountered. Even in third world countries, where the schools are run by muhammadans, non adherents of the faith are required to conform with whatever rules are formulated.
    Wearing hijab or whatever it is called, is no sign of chastity. It is circulating on you-tube now how a father in Syria forced his hijab wearing 16 years daughter to perform ‘sex jihad’ with many men in a day. A Tunisian minister raised an alarm that hijab clad women were being ferried to Syria for sex jihad with the ‘holy warriors’.It is not what one wears that matters as the content of his/her heart.
    The matter is very simple, if the girls in Prague do not like the rules of the school, they are free to withdraw.

  6. Namelee!
    Who is representative of Christianity? Jesus in the heavens? So Christianity is without any representative on earth right now………what are you doing here then?

  7. Ahmed Qureshi,
    Should you not ask the same question about yourself and muhammadanism? Muhammad died about 1400 years ago, is he still around to propagate his religion or is he controlling it from the grave, in which case your are following a ghost?

  8. Namelee!

    I know why are you repeatedly using the word Muhammadanism? Merely in jealousy, grudge and inferiority complex. Islam even in its name is distinguished and standouts. Unlike -ity, -ism, its beautiful and outstanding name also signifies its perfection and divine status; a name given by God. While other religions doctrines and names are man made, i.e Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity etc.

    Ahamdiyya Muslim Jam’at was established by God through promised Imam Mahdi AS the second coming of Muhammad (May Allah’s peace and blessings on him). So This divine party of Islam is true and real representative of Islam in the end times and till final day. And so Islam will remain only live and acceptable religion and faith to God.

    The concept of ghost belongs to Paulism/Christianity.
    Everything in Paulism is ghost. Paul himself was inspired by a ghost.

    Saudis don’t make any claim that they are representative of Islam so you cannot blame or criticize them for Islam. Yes we do make such big claim. If you really have to attack Islam , attack us.

    Before criticizing Islam, please get your god down from heavens as Christianity spiritually and physically dying out. Christians are either have gone atheist or turning to Islam. If your saviour does not come in time he is not a saviour just a delusion , a ghost.

    Namelee! Christianity days are over. There is no god in any of your churches or cathedrals. I am sorry for that.

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