Washington keeping lying about Syria CW

The weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) issue has been the excuse of choice for the US administrations in order to threaten some countries, such as Syria or Iran, or invade others, such as Iraq.

The common point of all these allegations is their falsehood. Nowadays, everybody knows that Iraq did not have WMDs before the US invasion and that Iran´s nuclear program is peaceful. International and UN reports have highlighted the lies of these US officials, who are guilty of plotting against peace or launching wars of aggression.

The amazing thing, however, is that, despite all this background, some of these US officials continue to cling to their lies as if they had not been widely exposed. On October 29, former Vice President Dick Cheney said that what the United States had gained as a result of the Iraq war was a country without weapons of mass destruction. This argument is both stupid and criminal. It could be used to attack any country in the world just in case it decides to manufacture that kind of weapons at any time in the future.

The same propaganda is still being used against Syria. As it happened before, the chemical weapons were the excuse that Washington chose to use in order to threaten Syria with a war. However, many factors, such as the domestic and world opposition to such a war, forced the US Administration to give up its plans. Above all, propaganda campaigns, launched and spread by obedient corporate media, are not so effective anymore due to the new online free media.


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