Top 10 creepiest spots in Europe

Source: Gulf News:

The Sedlec Ossuary, or Bone Church, in the town of Kutna Hora, less than an hour east of Prague, will strike you as a rather measly affair from the outside, but venture inside this gothic chapel and you will be greeted by an astonishing sight the skeletons of around 40,000 plague victims plastered from top to bottom. Some are weaved artistically into the interior, others are crafted into a series of bizarre decorations: a giant coat of arms made of tibias and fibias is strung up menacingly on the far wall, and a chandelier, constructed from every bone in the human skeleton, dangles in the middle.

Until 1870, these bones lay stagnant in the ossuary when a local woodcarver, Frantisek Rindt, was given the task of arranging them. No one quite expected the result a kind of spooky skeletal art gallery.


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