Religion of peace

Posted on » Sunday, October 20, 2013

Islam is a religion of peace. Terrorism, violence and hatred are not the teachings of Islam. Fanatic groups of Muslims are ruining the peaceful religion.

Islam teaches us that unless man learns to live at peace with himself and his fellow human beings, he cannot live at peace with God. The first thing for peace is to respect others’ feelings. Islam reinforces the concept of humanity and respect for individual liberty.

No religion teaches violence, terrorism or killing innocent people in the name of religion. To unite mankind under one flag cannot even momentarily entertain the idea of employing force to spread religious teachings.

Swords can win territories but not hearts. Force can bend heads but not minds. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s motto is, “Love for all hatred for none”. Please visit to get a true picture of Islam. Shahnaz L


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  1. Dear writer what you said is good in words but what we see is different in reality. In Pakistan Ahmediaya are considered not Muslim..So what is really Muslim..It is an Arabic word meaning to submit to one God…The word Christ is a title and it means the one who is annointed by God becasue Isa was born without the intervention of Man. Isa spoke Aramaic, and Arabic comes form Aramaic. It is semitic language of the region..First and foremost Isa Ale Salam is a true Muslim. Adam Ale Salam is also true MuslimSO why the division today that Christian are different and Muslims are different..Infact christians true name is Muslims and the Jews are also Muslim…It is like the Muslims and the Govt of Pakistan stating that Ahmediyas are not Muslim..Who gives the right for a person to say that he is Muslim and he is Christian and he is jew following Judaism..The whole idea is gone wrong in the idea of religion..Since the basic is never understood the whole idea changed…CHRIST COMES FROM THE GREEK WORD CHRISTOS AND IT IS GREEK AND NOT ENGLISH SO EITHER SPEAK GREEK OR SPEAK ENGLISH OR SPEAK ARABIC.Muslim is Arabic word so please don’t say I am Muslim as that is wrong…Some oen asked me if I was a Muslim and I said I don’t know I am trying to be a good Muslim but only when I die and when I am in heaven I will know that I was a good Muslim on earth we do all the wrong things… and it goes against the tenets of laws laid down by God…The greatest teaching are the teaching of Isa Ale SALAM and he is the true MUSLIM, MOMIN and surpasses everything…He never indulge4d in self gratification by marrying many women and he also said those who live by the sword will die by the sword..Some one asked him what is the greatest law in the world and he said LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS THY SELF….GOD IS LOVE IF WE CAN ACEIVE LOVE AND COMPASSION THEN ONLY WE ARE TRUE MUSLIMS. Many today thing that if someones name is abdullah or Jassim or Khalid he is entitled to be a Muslim..Muslim is good deed and humility and we can learn this from the greatest teacher and that is ISA AlE SALAM…Only ISA’s religion will bring true peace into this world and by the way the Quran say that it will be ISA son of MARYAM who will come as the saviour to save us from the Qayama…All the Khalifas were assasinated..Today the Sunni wants to kill the Shias. and if you are an Ahmediya then try talking to Al Shabab or Al Qaida or Taliban You will have no head on your shoulder…

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