Idul Adha a legacy of many religions

Idul Adha, a legacy of a man, three wives and many religions

The Jakarta Post:

Myth and custom compels us to simplify Idul Adha as an Islamic holiday. Even The Jakarta Post’s 2013 calendar pronounces Oct. 15 as the Islamic Day of Sacrifice. Apart from the grand prayers and animal sacrifice, it also marks the haj pilgrimage.

Yet denoting the significance of Idul Adha as Islamic is a misnomer since the core narrative transcends the 205 million Muslims in Indonesia, or even the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.

Be you Muslim, Christian or Jew; be it in the articles of the Koran, Old Testament or Torah; whether you call him Ibrahim, Abraham or Abram. The message focuses on the selflessness of one man’s sacrifice to God, and the subsequent mercy shown to him.

At its core, it is a familiar lore taught in all those major religions. The subsequent variations are “technical interpretations” that do little to diminish the story’s essence.


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