Malaysia: ‘We respect Allah ruling, but…’


The government must stop listening to the “stupid people” and instead educate Muslims regarding verses in the Quran which mentions non-Muslims discussing about Allah with the Prophet Muhammad.

PETALING JAYA: The Court of Appeal’s decision to ban the word ‘Allah’ in Christian publication The Herald does not change the fact that Islam allows non-Muslims to use the word in the first place, PAS said today.

But both PAS vice president Mahfuz Omar and PAS central committee member Khalid Samad said that this morning’s ruling – a culmination of years of interfaith struggle between the country’s two major religions – must be respected.

“I respect the court’s decision. But it is also the right of the Catholic church to also appeal against the decision at the Federal Court. Such a process cannot be denied,” Mahfuz, who is also Pokok Sena MP, told FMT.

But Khalid said that rather than banning the use of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims for fear of retaliation by “stupid people”, the government should focus on educating the Muslims on what the Quran said over the issue.

“The government should educate Muslims regarding all the verses of the Quran which mentions non-Muslims discussing about Allah with the Prophet Muhammad, and using the word freely without any hindrance whatsoever,” the Shah Alam MP said.

“Instead, our government seems to be very proud that we are the only Muslim nation that practices this ban – that we are going beyond even what the Prophet Muhammad had done.”

Government lawyer, Suzan Atan, had reportedly submitted before the judges on Sept 10 that the Home Minister banned the use of the word ‘Allah’ in… continue reading at

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  1. It seems that the Malayasia Mullas own the word Allah. The judgment is on wrong tracks. If there is going to be a common ground between Muslims and nonmuslims, the Mulla wants to demolish that trust.

    Even the polytheists of Makkah were using the word Allah. They believed in Allah but asociated others (idols) with Allah. That was their fault.

    The polytheists were not punished or stopped about using the word Allah. They were only educated that Allah has no fault, no defect and that He is One and only One to be worshipped.

    If there was any advice in Quran, it was that Muslims should behave themselves and Muslims should not abuse even the idols. Otherwise, the polytheists will, in retaliation and ignorance, abuse Allah. The onus is on the Muslims of Malayasia. They should get rid of the bad Muftis.

    If we have lived with the old order for 200 years and there was no serious harm, it was better not to stir up the dust. The dust will only fall on our Islam.

    Could this matter be taken for a better decision to some worthy grand Muslim Jury in other Muslim countries?

    By such bad laws, it is possible that nonmuslims of other countries (other than Malaya), where there is no law about it, they will start abusing Allah. The general Public of Malaya should rise against the Mullas immediately and dissociate from them at once to show their dissent, telling them that they do not accept their decision.

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