Radio Australia: Ahmadiyya leader concerned over the sect's persecution in Pakistan The global head of the Ahmaddiya Islamic community is hoping his visit to Australia will help highlight the persecution his followers face in his home country Pakistan.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad who lives in exile in London is visiting Australia and will then head to New Zealand and Japan.

Pakistan’s Ahmadis consider themselves to be Muslim, but the nation doesn’t legally recognise this.

Mr Ahmad, known by his followers as the Caliph of the Ahmaddiya, has told Radio Australia’s Asia Pacific the suffering of Ahmadis in Pakistan must stop.

“In 2010, two of our mosques, almost 90 of our people were killed, and hundreds were injured…every one or two weeks, I receive news of one or two Ahmadis being murdered or martyred,” he said.

The Ahmaddiya movement only has around 5000 followers in Australia, but claims tens of millions of members around the world.

The Ahmaddiyas reject extremism and say true Islam promotes peace.


On Radio Australia:


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  1. over 100 year old muslim community known Ahmadies was in 1974 declared non muslims by then priminister Bhutto to gain support the extremist mullas and to use them to prolong his tenure in the government. He planned to create trouble in the country against Ahmadies in 1974. Many of Ahmadies were burnt & killed and their properties were looted and burnt and government was watching the atrocities and non of them came to support or help those suffering people. Now the same thing is being repeated and the present government of Punjab and center has again closed their eyes and given free hand to dome extremist mulla groups one of them named Majlis Khatme Nabuwat. They are very active in destruction of mosques, target killing of Ahmadis, snatching forcefully the properties & businesses. Ahmadies even removed from jobs becsuse their beliefs. Now it is in the news they are planning to destroy their
    Ahmadi’s worship places (mosques). Situation is very bad for Ahmadies in Pakistan. They have no protection from the authorities. Only Allah can save and protect them from the bad intentions of the so called mullas and their supporters govt of Punjab and center.

  2. A shameful act indeed like all other humbugs carried out by Muslim zealot in Pakistan. With reference to the context let me narrate an example here. Once when a corpse was being carried through the street, Holy Prophet quietly stood up from his seat as a mark of respect. Then one of the followers uttered that the dead man was a non-Muslim, and when he repeated it twice Holy Prophet furiously retorted “Say, it is a body of Human being”. Only Allah can save Pakistan from the clutches of the cursed Mullahs, who are guide and inspiration of the miscreants.

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