Turkey ends ban on Islamic veil

Source: MSN

During a major policy speech Monday, September 30, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will no longer ban women from wearing Hijab in state institution.

“It is not a rational to expect this package to meet all the problems of the country, although we wish we could do this,” Erdoğan said at a press conference in Ankara.

Islamic Hijab has been banned from Turkish public places including schools, universities and governmental buildings shortly after 1980. In November 2012, the ban of wearing Hijab in Islamic schools has been lifted.

The complete ban lift will be effective starting the academic year of 2013-2014.


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  1. Leave these people alone. They want to cover from head to toe and you want to walk naked on the streets so why force them to be like you!!
    First of all, all Quebecers were immigrants! This land belonged to the natives, did you not do the same to them? So why are the Muslims disturbing you? Never thought Quebecers were so narrow minded.

    Turkey has taken the first step towards ending the country’s long-standing ban on headscarves for women sitting in Parliament and working in the civil service.
    Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan unveiled the proposal on headscarves yesterday as part of a big package of long-delayed liberalising reforms.

    It will lift a ban preventing women in public offices from wearing Islamic dress, except in those jobs that require uniforms such as the military and security services, and the courts.

    Erdogan has already eased the ban on head scarves at universities and religious schools, drawing fierce criticism from secularists who see the government pushing an Islamic agenda.

    People don’t realise that once you start banning items of clothing from public life, you open Pandora’s box in attacking your civil rights. These laws are not just here to protect the minority but potentially – the majority, on a global scale everyone is the minority. You can’t just ban one piece of item and not see the law applied in another areas, you follow the law all and not just when it suits you and that can end up being dangerous… People should have the option of wearing/not wearing the headscarf in any country. And all this talk about going backwards, how is wearing a headscarf backwards? Has anyone realized how Turkey is the super power of Europe with their financial stability? if they were heading backwards then why is Europe begging them to enter the EU after so many years of rejection? The only country in Europe with a strong economical stability, strong military presence, no WMF debts all this and others achieved by a medieval government? Id like to have one in UK Plz.

    We know that Islam is a misunderstood religion among the western countries.Muslims issues have been the marathon issues for the media and publicity. when it comes to Niqab, jihad, and terrorism .We always seen that poor Muslim women in non Muslim countries become the ”bite of the media and politicians but not all the politicians. Muslims or Non Muslims, fairly should, have their own free will and choice to choose their own dress code in public life for their safety .God created everything with covers for an example,even the fruits,once you opened it;s, cover, it will perish. Britain is a diverse society. One part of that society is Muslim, and within the Muslim community, some women wear niqab. Like it or not, it is part of the British way of life. I like it. My niqab wearing friends are really nice, and I have no problem communicating with them, reading their mood and reactions from body language and tone of voice and eyes. I respect them. I respect their right to live this way. If they wear niqab in schools or college or on the street it is not the end of the world. It can work. It just takes the desire to accept their particular difference. Just as other people have to accept mine. Behind the controversy of the veil, I see a veiled attack on Islam. An illiberal ceiling to people who claim to be liberals on their own terms. Many of the comments on this website in the past week have been, frankly, shocking. The assault on Islam feels like ‘the new racism’, or its equivalent form of bigotry. In all my conversations with female Muslim friends, I have found a prevailing thread of choice and empowerment, from those who choose to wear head covering or niqab. Muslim women are strong. Please don’t patronise them with a feminism that *tells* them what they should wear. Try listening to them instead. They are active and resilient members of our society, who contribute to society, and really, great and wonderful UK public, what on earth have you got to fear? Are you *really* that scared and ‘intimidated’ by a woman expressing sincere faith in one (but not universal) expression of Islam? I don’t see a “debate”. I see a witch hunt.

  2. it is very UNISLAMIC and against every human right for a state to interfere with what one should and should not wear !!!! Governments are to provide services, territorial protection, a save economy etc .. I haven’t seen them do their own work and succeed yet!

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