Italy mourns 300 dead in Lampedusa migrant boat tragedy

The Telegraph

Italy has declared a day of mourning for the 300 African migrants who died in a boat accident off the coast of Lampedusa, as rescuers told of a “nightmarish situation” as they fought to pull people from the water.

As the search continued for more than 200 people still missing off the Mediterranean island where their overloaded boat caught fire and sank, an emotional Pope Francis said Friday should be “a day of tears” for a “savage world” that ignored the plight of refugees. Flags flew at half mast across Italy and schools held a minute of silence for the victims. Locals on the island, which is closer to North Africa than to Italy and has a population of just 6,000, fought back tears as they spoke of the desperate rush to save the drowning immigrants.

“The hardest thing was seeing the bodies of the children. They had no chance,” said local doctor Pietro Bartolo, who said in 20 years on the island he had “never seen a human tragedy like this”.


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