Bangla Department UK Organizes Eid Re-Union

Bangla Department Ahamadiya Muslim Association UK Organized a Eid Re-Union on Sunday, the 8th September 2013 at MONTEFIORE CENTRE Handbury Street, London, E1 5HZ.

Presided by Mr. Mohammad Abdul Hadi, Incharge Bangla Department, Ahmadiya Muslim Jamat UK, the function was attended by the family members of the Association, Non-Ahamadi guests and Journalists.

The function statred by recitation from the Holy Quran made by Maulana Feroz Alam, who read out translation of the verses in Bangla. After this Mr. Ibraetul Hasan performed a nice Nazam on this occasion.

Mohammad Abdul Hadi Incharge Bangla Department made the welcome address saying:
Eid is an arabic word which means a day which returns often.

This festival is celebrated at the end of the month of fasting that is why it is also called the festival of breaking of the fast. Fasting in the month of Ramadhan is one of the five pillars of islam.

Now a days having a feast and festival have become an integral part of human life in almost every society. For Muslims – all religious festivals have their own special significance. Infact at the end of every different mode of worship, islam has instituted a celebtation.

Eid reunions are moments of joy and happieness for those who have fasted in the month of Ramadhan. Islam grafts the remembrance of Allah with every activity.

Fasting is regarded as a physcial, moral and spiritual discipline for the purpose of promoting righteousness (Taqwa)

Allah almighty also states to offer the following prayers and it is a sign of people who offer this prayer that,
‘our lord, grant us of our spouses and children, the delight of our eyes and make each of us leader of the righteous (Holy Quran: Al- Furqan Ch 25: verse 75)

Thus this prayer will maintain us upon righteousness (Taqwa) and whilst protecting your progeny from the evils of the world, will help them to maintain Taqwa.

After this, Mohtaram Mubasherur Rahman Saheb National Amir, AMJ- BD- made a speech in which he pointed out that without Love of Allah and Khilafat there can be No peace in the world.

Mr. Syed Mohiuddin Zubair performed a nice Nazrul song on this occasion. Mohtarum Maulana Feroz Alam, Advisor Bangla Department UK made a speech in which he pointed out that in our daily life we should follow the teaching of our holy Prophet (SW) which infact is the only way to make our life acceptable to Almighty Allah.

Mr. Jamal Khan Local leader also speech, and he thanks to the Ahmadiya Muslim jamat UK for organized this type of function.

Advocate Mujebur Rahman Sb. Made concludng speech, he in his speech mentioned significance of Eid and ways of a true believer. One of which is to pray to allah by waking up in the dead of nights to have their sins forgiven and requesting blessings.

At the end a Qusetion / answer session was held in which a good number of questions were raised which were answered advocate Mujebur Rahman Saheb and Maulana Feroz Alam saheb. Later Muhtaram Mujibur Rahman saheb led the silent prayer.

A packet dinner was arranged on this occasion which was really enjoyed by the participants.

News courtsey:

Mohammad A Hadi

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