Why Pakistan is the most dangerous country on earth ?

Source: Mail on Line:

I don’t have any personal animosity towards Pakistan or its people and enjoyed both my visits there and the people I was fortunate enough to meet. On balance, however, I think it is probably the most dangerous country in the world.

This is not as a result of any malign intent but as a consequence of its inherent political instability, the unpredictable and sometimes malevolent behaviour of its intelligence services, the ISI, its willingness to share nuclear technology with rogue states and others, and its potential to export terrorism.

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  1. Lot of hue and cry raised by print and electronic media what has been said about Pakistan. Most popular daily Jang carried the Urdu translation of most of the points and printed it as lead news in its Europe pages. Condemnation statements of Pakistani origin MPs and of high commissioner also high lighted. But like me are few who have the courage to accept the facts and can call goat a goat. What ever about Pakistan has been written is fact and instead firing denial salvos why not to accept the hard facts and make an effort to resolve the issues enabling Pakistan also to live like respectable nation on the map of the world. Separation of religions from state is the basic factor needs urgent attention. However is the most difficult aspect in current scenario. To me no one can dare to touch this topic. As long no Ata Turk takes over Pakistan I see not light at the end of the tunnel. Instead denying the facts nation should ponder to find some leader who can show the courage and can reform the religiously infested mind set of the nation. After all Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan and Mr Ayyub Khan were also the sons of the soil. The soil is still fertile. Masses have to rise to reject these fanatic religious clerics and similar minded political and military elite.

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