Misconception about Islam needs to be removed, says MWL

arabnews.com: The London branch of the Muslim World League on Thursday organized a seminar on the role of Islamic centers in correcting misconceptions about Islam at the Islamic Cultural Center.
The seminar was organized with the aim of clarifying the role of Islamic centers in spreading awareness about Islam and Muslims and removing misconceptions.
Abdullah Al-Turki, secretary-general of the Muslim World League, said it is the duty of every Muslim to spread the correct message of Islam. Islam is not the religion of terrorism but of peace. Islam is the summary of all the books and a call toward Allah.

“All religions in the world have misconceptions among their followers and enemies, but the main idea is that God created human beings so we should pray to Him,” he said.
He further said that many non-Muslims are keen to find the truth. Muslims and non-Muslims have a very significant role to play in spreading the truth and to stop destruction in the name of Islam.
Islamic organizations should have a combined strategy and cooperate with each other. The media can also help remove misconception about Islam. He also said that there should be cooperation between universities, organizations, youngsters and people in general.
Muslim communities should not remain isolated and follow the law of the country they live in. This will show the real face of Islam. The communities should play their role in clarifying the misconceptions of Islam.


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  1. This is good talking and makes so much sense.

    Look at your Islamic history it was bloody. However as people becoming more settled they become more civilized with the desire to live in Peace. It seems that the Islamic faith has been connected with terrorism which is unfair. It is like linking the Catholic faith with the Irish bomb and killing squads.

    Yes follow the laws of the land and show your desire to be part of the countries you adopt. Show you are law abiding citizens not hot beds of unrest. Its not that people so much have a touch of Islamophoia it is that the Islamic faith has been inward looking and not expressed themselves well. They need to use the media and social media to get across who they are and where they are going. God bless you into this determination

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