Eid Milan Gathering on 14th August, 2013 in Kolkata

Mr. Zafar Ahmad, Ameer of Kolkata introducing guests and the community

Source: Press Release

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Kolkata Chapter celebrated their Eid Milan Party on 14th August 2013 at Hotel Golden Parkk. Dignitaries from all walks of life attended the function. Mr. Kundan Lal Tamta (IPS Asst. Director General Counter Insurgency Force West Bengal) And Mr. Subrata Mukherjee Minister for Panchait Government of West Bengal attended the function as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

Function started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Maulana Haroon Rasheed Sahib Imam & Missionary In charge Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Kolkata followed by English translation by Zafar Iqbal. Maulana Zahoo-rul-Haque Sahib Deputy Imam of Ahmadiyya Mosque Kolkata delivered a lecture in Bengali Language. His lecture was on the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. He emphasizes on the unity and love of an Ahmadi Muslim with their Khalifa.

After Zahoo-rul-Haque Sahib’s lecture a documentary “A Brief Introduction of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community” edited and directed by Fazal Ahmadi was shown on a Big Screen. The documentary was based on the lectures of His Holiness Khalifa of Islam Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (A.T.B.A) delivered at German Military HQ Koblenz, Capitol Hill (Washington DC) and European Union Parliament. The work of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Kolkata for fellow human beings like eye checking camp and blood donation camp organized by Khuddamul Ahmadiyya (Youth wing of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) and Lajna Imaullah (Women Wing of the community) respectively was shown in the documentary.

After the documentary Zafar Ahmad Ameer Jama’at (The President of the community) requested the guest to share their views.

Subrata Mukherjee the Panchait Minister for Government of West Bengal addressing the gathering

Subrata Mukherjee the Panchait Minister for Government of West Bengal addressed the gathering and praised the community and also emphasized the unity and communal harmony.

Mr. Zafar Ahmad  in his speech presented the peaceful teachings of Islam and emphasized living with peace with other communities and how to share your happiness with others.

Professor Mr. Sunirmal Chakravarthi principal La Martiniere for Boys School praised the community for its work for world peace. Mr. Chakravarthi also raised the issue of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s persecution in Pakistan. He praised the community and said Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a model for other communities.

Mr. Gautam Mohan Chakraborty

Mr. Gautam Mohan Chakraborty (Former Commissioner of Police Kolkata and retired Director General of Police West Bengal) praised the community for their peaceful and brotherly relations with other religious communities.

Mr. Saif Saigal thanked the guest for their presence in his vote of thanks. Mr. Waqar Ahmad was the anchor of the whole event. The program was concluded with the silent prayer led by the president followed by dinner.

Group Photo Members of Eid Milan Committee

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