The pain of a Syrian … (student-in-exile)

(as copied from the facebook page of a 19 year old Syrian student-in-exile. I did not ask his permission to publish this here in The Muslim Times, therefore I am withholding the name at the moment)

You see during war it’s not just physical destruction, not just death, not just displacement. Along with it all one experiences emotional trauma, feuds, sectarianism, extremism. And worst of all systems are broken, dreams are shattered, futures are lost. You are told to persevere you are told to fight, but how can you, when mental capacities try and withstand the lost realities. During war everything that is horrible becomes possible, all moral grounds are broken, Families shatter, friends take sides. During war your helpless restless impatient. You are told to act otherwise. You are told to think of others. You hold for a moment and look around, and you just realized yes unfortunately life is cruel, and you are capable of nothing. It’s like that moment in Hercules when he’s covered with boulders after he killed the infinitely headed monster. In the movie he perseveres. But he was half god. How do you expect me, how can we expect victims of war to persevere?

Inshallah this certain student will persevere, with Allah’s help and guidance …

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