Mansour backtracks on ElBaradei choice as premier

• Ultraconservative group objects to ElBaradei appointment
• Death toll in violence since June 30 hits 75
• Mursi supporters plan bigger protests

Saturday 6 July 2013

CAIRO: Egypt’s new president moved to assert his authority and regain control of the streets Saturday even as his Islamist opponents declared his powers illegitimate and issued blood oaths to reinstate Muhammad Mursi, whose ouster by the military has led to dueling protests and deadly street battles between rival sides.

But underscoring the sharp divisions facing the untested leader, Adly Mansour, his office said pro-reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei had been named as interim prime minister but later backtracked on the decision saying consultations were continuing. A politician close to ElBaradei said the reversal was due to objections by an ultraconservative Islamist party with which the new administration wants to cooperate.

Mansour’s administration, meanwhile, has begun trying to dismantle Mursi’s legacy. He fired Mursi’s intelligence chief and the presidential palace’s chief of staff. Prosecutors, meanwhile, ordered four detained stalwarts of Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood held for 15 days pending an investigation into the shooting deaths of eight protesters last week.

No major violence was reported between supporters and opponents of Mursi as the two sides sought to regroup after a night of fierce clashes that turned downtown Cairo into a battlefield. Clashes were also fierce in the port city of Alexandria, where thousands from both sides fought each other with automatic rifles, firebombs and clubs.


Egypt’s interim President Adli Mansour (R) meets with opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei at the presidential palace in Cairo in this handout picture dated July 6, 2013. (Reuters)

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