The Incredible, Edible Egg Yolk

Cholesterol-and By Chris Masterjohn.

Fear not.

You are now armed with the raw facts from the USDA’s nutrition database that shows that missing out on the egg yolks means missing out on the nutrition in your breakfast. Take heart in this the next time you enjoy the incredible, edible egg yolk.

Egg yolks? But they’re full of cholesterol!

Concerned about egg yolks and heart disease? Hop on down to the Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb show and listen to my interview with Jimmy Moore explaining why there was never any evidence that cholesterol-rich egg yolks contribute to heart disease, and what heart disease is really all about. No reading required!

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. When you think of a “health freak,” you don’t think of someone eating egg yolks and discarding the white.

Think again.


Egg Nutrition: Yolk vs. White



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  1. Eggs are the best source of energy, i have eaten all my life, i have no cholesterol problem. Don’t believe what doctors and research scientists tell you, many a times they are funded by laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. Eat 2 eggs every other day, boiled, scrambled or fried or raw if you want build muscles.

  2. Thank you. I am a heart patient. The doctor has clearly forbidden consumption of eggs and I have not eaten eggs for the last five years except rarely.

    Now I see a new theory. Surprisingly, a good friend of mine who had heart attack and had by-pass operation spoke to me recently about good diet. He forbade all bread (Roti items) and also all oils except Pure Ghee or butter Ghee. He allowed coconut oil. Because of my slight diabetes, he forbade sugar and advised restricted use of fruits and Gurr (made from cane).
    He also advised special way of preparing vegetables and soup and smoothies ( a ground mixture of fruits and vegetables). That friend is a very learned, senior engineer and MBA.

    It was his advice for the consumption of two (boiled) eggs daily which surprised me. I tried for few days but had some problem. (Constipation).
    Now I see Z. Virk sahib suggesting similar diet (at least two eggs after two days are mentioned). Thanks to Virk sahib and TMT for the info. Let us hope that it will go well, Insha Allah.

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