discussing Ahmadiyya Muslims and Non-Ahmadiyya Muslims


Ahmadiyya muslims belief that there would not be a second coming of Jesus Christ while non-Ahmadiyya muslims belief in the second coming of christ. can i have versus and hadiths supporting or refusing the two positions.


Paulus113 says:

The Ahmadiyya Community regard their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (b.1835 – d 1908) to be the ‘Promised One’ of every religion – including Buddhism; Zoroastrianism; Hinduism; and the various religions of the Native Americans – and not merely of those that trace their origins to Abraham.

The Old and New Testament verses quoted by the Ahmadis in support of their claim are to be found in the Book of Daniel (chapter 12); in the Gospel of Matthew (chapter 24); and in the Book of Revelation. All these reference are linked to the Promised Messiah of the End Times.

The 12th chapter of Daniel contains the words: ‘From the moment that the perpetual sacrifice is abolished and the appalling abomination: a thousand two hundred and ninety days (Daniel 12:11) – Jerusalem Bible.

Ahmadis argue that the ‘abolition of the perpetual sacrifice’ refers to the replacement of Judaic Law by that of Islamic (Sharia); and that the abolition of the ‘appalling abomination’ refers to Islam’s prohibition of idol worship. Christian scholars state that the ‘abomination’ (as mentioned again in Matthew 24) probably refers to the statue of Zeus set up in Jerusalem by Antiochus Epiphanes in 167BC.

It is worth noting that Daniel gives three periods during which the abolition of

both the perpetual sacrifice and the appalling abomination is to take place:

1150 days (8:13-14)

1290 days (12.11)

1335 days (12.12)

The Ahmadis have decided to select Daniel 12.11. They claim that the period… Join the discussion @

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  1. It is indeed deplorable that the Ahmadi Muslims are being targeted even in India – and that too in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. I for one believe that the incident indicates a sense of fear and inadequacy on the part of the Mullahs who organised the protest. These people are quite scared of the progress of the Jamaat. All that we can do is to pray to Allah for the safety of the Ahmadees, and also to show the right path to the misguided element (Amen)

  2. Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said:
    There will be nothing left of knowledge. People will make the ignorant their leaders and will seek guidance from them in matters of religion. These leaders will issue fatwas without any knowledge. They will themselves be misguided and will lead others astray. (Mishkat, Kitab ul-‘Ilm, page 33)

    There will come a time of desperation & dejection on my ummah, they will go to their religious scholars (in the hope of guidance) but see they are apes n pigs.( Kanzul Umaal)

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