Taliban will not take over Islamabad………

Source: LUBP

The future of the Taliban is bright in Pakistan. They will not take over Islamabad from where they can deal with the world. No. This will not suit them.The very abbreviation TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) and the concept behind it are bogus. The concept is that there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Taliban. The good Taliban are supposed to be pro-Pakistan, but there is no definition about who the bad ones are. It can be argued that the bad Taliban are ones who are not controlled by Pakistan. But are the good Taliban pro-Pakistan? Where is the evidence?

Leaving aside the false binary of good-bad Taliban, one must understand the inter-textuality of the Taliban and their supporters. One cannot understand the Taliban phenomenon in 2013 without understanding that they are financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE, apart from the Pakistani diaspora in various countries. In turn, one cannot discount the significance of these four factors in the economic survival of Pakistan. And one cannot underestimate the support for the Taliban within Pakistan itself.


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  1. The comment by Abbas Zaidi in his article; The future of Taliban is not only silly but also against all facts, documentation and even an un-patriotic effort to malign the 200 million Pakistanis.
    Posting of such anti-Pakistan articles on MT by Zubair Khan once again shows the real intentions and not any real criticism of the policies.

    I do not know the reason, no wait a minute, I do know the reasons behind such laughable anti-Pakistan propaganda. This site is dedicated to un-building Pakistan because of religious differences and unfortunate brutal attacks on Ahmedia community by a tiny minority of hardcore extremists.
    I come from Pakistan and from my mother’s side, I have many Ahmedi relatives. I know the anger and frustrations being experienced by the community. But from there to talk about Taliban taking over Pakistan or even talking about it is way out of any reason or rime.
    The author has forgotten many facts. First there are 200 million Pakistanis who are peaceful, kind and loving. The Pakistan military is the 6th largest in the world-professional, well armed and highly trained and few thousands Taliban would be wiped out in few hours if they ever dreamt to make such foolish move. The Swat operation is a good proof.
    So please do criticize the policies of governments but do not be anti-Pakistan.

  2. Some time I feel that some people may not read the entire article before writing the comment.
    This can happen when we do things as part of our job- we reply the headlines and not the inner sense or entire contents of the article.

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