Aren’t you lucky! Things could be worse !!!

Wednesday 5 December 2007

(from Saudi Arabia)

Dress-Munching Rat Ruins Bride’s Big Day

JIZAN, 5 December 2007 — A rat caused a wedding to be delayed after it nibbled holes into a bride’s wedding dress, the daily Al-Riyadh reported yesterday. As the wedding ceremony drew nearer, the bride went into her room to put on her dress. Minutes later, relatives burst into her room after they heard her screaming. They were greeted to the spectacle of the crying bride wearing a wedding dress with dozens of holes on its surface. The groom was called in to calm his wife-to-be down. He offered to buy her a new dress but she insisted on getting her current one fixed. The couple scrambled to a wedding dress shop and was told that it would take days to fix the damage. The wedding was postponed and guests were sent home.

How Not to Say ‘Trim My Mustache’

JEDDAH, 5 December 2007 — Saudi Arabia has a booming expatriate population, however a lot of these folks who come to work here hail from non-Arabic speaking countries. This often leads to communication breakdowns and people are often forced to use hand gestures to explain what they are trying to say; this method however is not always accurate and can sometimes lead to bigger problems. The daily Okaz reported yesterday that a barber from an Asian country had a fight with a customer after he accidentally shaved off his mustache. The customer entered the barbershop proud of his thick mustache and gave the barber instructions to trim it down a little. The barber, who didn’t understand a word the man was saying, thought he wanted it to be shaved off. It was only when the barber had shaved off half of the moustache, did the customer realize what had happened. He angrily got up and used a universal language — a couple of punches — to vent his anger. Customers broke up the fight and helped the two men come to an understanding: a free haircut.

He Could Have Said So Sooner!

DAMMAM, 5 December 2007 — A father in the Eastern Province gave his son a good beating after he embarrassed him in front of hundreds of wedding guests by announcing he didn’t want to marry his cousin, the daily Al-Madinah reported yesterday. The father had asked his brother for approval for his son to marry his niece. The brother agreed and all the arrangements were made. Even the dowry was paid. When the big day came, the groom stood up in front of a room full of guests and declared that he does not want to marry his cousin and that he was being forced to marry her by his father who wanted to keep the nuptials inside the family. The father was shocked at his son’s confession and he attacked him in front of guests and beat him. Relatives at the wedding interfered to save the son from the wrath of his father. The son left the venue angrily and the wedding was called off.

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