Pakistan: Ahmadiyya Persecution Report 2012 issued – biased role of Urdu media revealed


The community has published its 2012 persecution report which was released by the community’s spokesperson Mr. Saleemud Din in Rabwah (Chanab Nagar) today.

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Source/Credit: Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya
By Nazarat Amoor-e Aama | April 17, 2013

Pakistan is increasingly descending into chaos and becoming a place where members of Ahmadiyya community are increasingly marginalised making it very difficult for Ahmadis to live and practice their faith in peace.

There is an organised campaign underway to deprive the members of community of their basic rights, such as right to worship and work or take education.

After May 28, 2010 attacks on Ahmadi places of worship in Lahore the hate campaign has taken new heights and the hate mongers seem to have an extensive support network and funding to publish hate materials and organise conferences and events to spew hatred.

Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan publishes an annual report that compiles most of the persecution related incidents that occur during that calendar year. This report is not the ultimate version as many incidents go unreported.

The community has published its 2012 persecution report which was released by the community’s spokesperson Mr. Saleemud Din in Rabwah (Chanab Nagar) today.

In tow with Islamist extremists, Pakistan’s Urdu press, too, seems to have found an all-important role in anti-Ahmadiyya campaign — by giving the hate mongers a platform that has a much wider reach.

During 2012 Pakistani Urdu press continued to publish baseless and provocative stories as news items.

The Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan also publishes a report in Urdu that gives a glimpse into this world of hate mongering and baseless propaganda; and it gives an idea how Urdu press continues to play an important role in instigating hatred against Ahmadis.

It would not be possible to compile an all inclusive single report of all the hate filled news stories that circulated in the press but the community has published a compilation just to highlight some of the reports.

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