Sir Zafarullah Khan’s Historical Services For Japan


Mr. Anees Ahmad Nadeem the missionary incharge and national president of Ahmadiyya Community Japan (Center) Mr Hiroshi Tajima chairman policy division foreign ministry Japan (left in the picture)

Mr. Anees Ahmad Nadeem the missionary incharge and national president of Ahmadiyya Community Japan had been invited for dinner by Japanese foreign office for commemoration of East Japan great earthquake & tsunami, where Japanese foreign minister and other government officials were present. Japanese foreign minister appreciated Sir Zafrulla Khan`s great services he did for Japanese people when he was Pakistan`s foreign minister. Mr Ichiro Gemba the foreign minister japan and Mr.Hiroshi Tajima said:

 At the 1951 San Francisco Peace Conference, Pakistan was the only major country invited from South Asia (as China was not invited, and India and Burma stayed away from the Conference for their own reasons). At the conference, Pakistan delegation led by Foreign Minister Sir. Zafrulla Khan strongly argued for treating Japan with respect. Sir Zafrulla khan  made a historical speech noting that ‘The peace with Japan should be a premised on justice and reconciliation, not on vengeance and oppression. In future Japan would play an important role as a result of the series of reforms initiated in the political and social structure of Japan which hold out a bright promise of progress and which qualify Japan to take place as an equal in the fellowship of peace loving nations.’

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations on 28th April 1952, Pakistan-Japan relations have steadily progressed. Soon after the San Francisco Peace Conference, Pakistan was one of the very few countries which opened their commercial office in Japan. Similarly, Japan opened one of its earliest trade offices in Karachi. In 1952, Pakistan opened its Embassy in Tokyo.

They added that Sir Zafrulla khan was the founder of Pakistan Japan relations and because of his efforts Japan opened its embassy in Karachi and then President Ayyub Khan visited Japan.


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  1. One more shining example of how blessed the world is because of the selfless work of gems like Zafrullah Khan, may Allah bless his soul & send us more people like him, Ameen.

  2. It is nice to know about the peaceful performance for peace process in the Global Village including Japan from Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan. May Almighty God Allah bless his soul and bless us power to work like him. Ameen.

  3. My point is the quote is actually from Pakistan embassy website and not from Japanese foreign minster. Can someone clear the apparent anomaly?

  4. Mohtram Hasan Sahib ! Actually this is a new addition in History of Ahmadiyyat as well Hazrat Chaudhry sahib didn’t mention it in “Tahdith-e-Nimat“.
    Actually Japanese foreign officers said that Sir Zafarullah khan was a dear friend & Mohsin of Japan, if Sir Zafarullah khan wouldn’t have made so much effort Japan would not have been able to stand on Its feet.

  5. Once i visited Foreign Ministry, Mr.Tajima & other members of South Asian department showed us a couple of things of Hazrat Chaudhry Sahib which were kept as a relic in their archives.
    They told me that the Japanese officials are trying hard to get more details about that, they have requested the Pakistani government and embassy for more details but they did not comply

  6. So I have only mentioned the part which is already a decided matter between Foreign ministry of Japan and the government of Pakistan and no one can deny this fact despite more research is going on, we don’t want to create any conflict between government of Pakistan and Foreign ministry of Japan.

  7. Hi. I am research scholar from India, and I am trying look for information with regard to Sir Zafarullah Khan and its contribution to China- Pakistan relations. Are there any papers, material that could help me out.

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