Do Muslims Really Understand Islam?

Source: Albany Tribune, by Abdulateef Al-Mulhim.

The total number of the Muslim population is around 1.6 billion or about 25 percent of the world population. Generally speaking, most of the Arab population is Muslims, but not every Muslim is an Arab. For example, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not Arab countries, but they have more Muslims than all 22 Arab countries combined.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Muslim population is growing at a steady pace in many non-Muslim countries especially in the US and Europe. All it takes to be a Muslim is to announce that there is no God, but Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his messenger.

So, if the number of Muslims is on the rise, then why do Muslims feel insecure and threatened and why Muslims always think the others are after them at a time when there are more Muslims being killed by Muslims than there are Muslims killed by non-Muslims? And is a Muslim killed by non-Muslim considered a bigger crime than if he is killed by a Muslim?


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  1. About Muslims: Mass Muslims are Blind and unable to read any book or scripture known as Quran. They do not believe to learn from a teacher who is not a Muslim. Thus a blind Muslim Ummah is unable to understand their 1400 year old leader’s guidance. The blind Mass Muslims cannot see that non Muslim world took guidance from the same book and became peaceful rulers of world. How this community became blind, they are unable to understand themselves because they do not have a leader to tech them. A community without leader is scattered and is prone to self destruction but cannot understand or see what is happening with them till all the voices of blind are drowned in to darkness. This is a natural phenomena.

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