Picture of the Day: A Hand Above all Hands

Collected by Abdul Alim: The Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, told us:

“When you find the Mahdi, perform bai’ah (pledge of allegiance) at his hand. You must go to him, even if you have to reach him across ice-bound mountains on your knees. He is the Mahdi and the Caliph of Allah”

Ibn Maajah

This picture is of Hazrat Khalifa-tul-Masih the Fifth, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, May Allah strengthen his hands.

As the Imam of Ahmadiyya Muslims and the Khalifa of Imam Mahdi and Promised Messiah (AS), this hand is the hand on which Muslims must and are to perform their pledge of Allegiance (Bait) today as instructed by our dearly Beloved Holy Master the Prophet of Islam (PBUH). In the tradition of Bait–e-Rizwan, where Holy Prophet’s hand was called as representing Allah’s hand (see the verse below) this tradition is renewed by the Promised Messiah according the prophecy of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Huzoor, as we call him with reverence and love, is the true representation of Islam and Allah’s command on earth today. All barakat flows by submitting to him in bait.

On his small finger he wears two rings. Both rings have been passed on to him from Imam Mahdi and Promised Messiah. One of these rings was asked to be made by Promised Messiah after the death of his father when a revelation was vouschafed to him “Is Allah not sufficient for his servant”. This ring was passed on to the the Khalifa-tul-Masih I who was elected after him and has subsequently been passed on to all Khalifas after him. The second ring that Huzoor is wearing has the words ” Moula Bas” meaning “My Lord- enough”. This was inherited by current Huzoor’s great grand father Sahibzada Mirza Sharif Ahmad, the youngest son of Promised Messiah.

For those who may never have met him, Huzoor’s hand is warm, velvety and soft. When you stand close to him you can feel the soft aroma and perfume that comes from him. On occassions when you are fortunate to have a picture taken with him, he sometimes holds your hand with a firm grip. The soft and lovely feeling of being with him, having held his hand or sometimes having a chance to kiss it, stays with you for very long. Nothing can describe the immense joyous feeling of the experience of being with him even for a short time. It is as if a current has gone through your full body and when you come out your feet feel like they are not touching the ground for a while.

Al-Fath Chapter 48 : Verse 11

Verily, those who swear allegiance to thee indeed swear allegiance to Allah. The hand of Allah is over their hands. So whoever breaks his oath, breaks it to his own loss; and whoever fulfils the covenant that he has made with Allah, He will surely give him a great reward.
[48:11] یقیناً وہ لوگ جو تیری بیعت کرتے ہیں وہ اللہ ہی کی بیعت کرتے ہیں۔ اللہ کا ہاتھ ہے جو اُن کے ہاتھ پر ہے۔ پس جو کوئی عہد توڑے تو وہ اپنے ہی مفاد کے خلاف عہد توڑتا ہے اور جو اُس عہد کو پورا کرے جو اُس نے اللہ سے باندھا تو یقیناً وہ اسے بہت بڑا اجر عطا کرے گا۔

4 replies

  1. علیک السلا مُ ظفر سیّدی
    تیرے چاکر رہیں عمر بھر سیّدی
    تُجھ سے عہدِ وفا نبھا ئیں گے ہم
    تیرے قدمو ں کو چو مے ظفر سیّدی

    ایّدہُ بالرُّو ح القُدس
    آ مین

  2. Allah sb almighty.he created all things.dunia will be fauna.the peoples,goods everything will be.so don’t make relation with.so make with aakhirat.

  3. May Allah Almighty make Huzoor healths always and come to the asean nations asap especially to Indonesia the moslem great country in the future and many generations love Huzoor. Tq.

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