Death Thoughts Boost Belief In God Among Christians & Muslims But Not Atheists, Study Shows

By: Stephanie Pappas: Thinking about death makes Christians and Muslims, but not atheists, more likely to believe in God, new research finds, suggesting that the old saying about “no atheists in foxholes” doesn’t hold water.

Agnostics, however, do become more willing to believe in God when reminded of death. The only catch is that they’re equally as likely to believe in Buddha or Allah as the Christian deity, even though all the agnostics in the study were  American and thus more likely to be exposed to Christian beliefs.

The findings confirm that while religion can help people deal with death, we all manage our own existential fears of dying through our pre-existing worldview, the researchers report in an upcoming issue of the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.


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  1. Atheists often argue like that:
    If you are dead it is like before you were born. You do not even know that you existed. You cant think, there is not even anything left from you not even regret or a single thought. Simply nothing and even less than nothing. Just like before you existed or comparable to sleeping without dreaming. While you sleep there is nothing. And if there is anything after death even better.

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