Tolerance, cooperation cornerstones in interfaith dialogue — King of Jordan

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday underlined the need to promote tolerance and cooperation as basis for dialogue and understanding among all followers of the three monotheistic religions.

During a meeting with Cardinal Robert Sarah and other participants in the annual conference of Caritas in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), which opened in Amman on Wednesday, the King noted that Jordan set an example of interfaith tolerance and understanding manifested in the Amman Message, according to a Royal Court statement.

The King, who returned home late on Tuesday from Moscow, also congratulated Caritas Foundation on the 45th anniversary of its launch in Jordan, valuing the humanitarian and local community efforts the foundation has been exerting since its inception.

Caritas is headed by Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fuad Twal.

The Monarch also highlighted Jordan’s efforts in providing humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in the Kingdom, in cooperation with international organisations and institutions.

His Majesty called for intensified efforts by all concerned parties to provide better services and decent life to the displaced Syrians.

For their part, Cardinal Sarah and the accompanying delegation thanked Jordan for the humanitarian aid it is providing to Syrian refugees, and said he highly appreciates the King’s role in promoting peace and tolerance.

President of Caritas Jordan Fuad Twal commended the King’s effort and Jordan for being a “destination for all people leaving their turbulent countries, in search for peace and tranquillity”.

Caritas is holding a regional conference to discuss the efforts put forth to assist Syrian refugees and the means to enhance cooperation for humanitarian purposes in its branches in Jordan and other Arab countries.

Caritas Jordan is a member of the Rome-based Caritas Internationalis confederation that manages a network of humanitarian work in 164 societies operating in 200 areas and countries.

His Majesty King Abdullah meets with leaders of the Caritas Internationalis in Amman on Wednesday (Petra photo)

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  1. Well, this reminds me of an incident, that did not reach the press: Some years ago several Evangelical Christian Priests were expelled from Jordan. When I met a Catholic Priest at a Diplomatic Party I asked him what he knew about it and he replied: “Yes, all the Patriarchs of the established churches (Catholic, Orthodox etc) wrote a joint letter to the Jordan Government to ask them to expel all those that do not belong to an established Church). – Long live tolerance.

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