Dr Abdus Salam: one man seven lives

Daily Times: By Syed Sultana Rizvi: Dr Salam played a major and influential role in Pakistan’s science infrastructure and became the guiding spirit and founder of Pakistan’s nuclear programme

January 29 was an important day to
be celebrated by Pakistanis for being the birthday of a person whom Pakistan as well as many other countries are hugely indebted to for his immense contribution not only towards scientific knowledge but also for establishing leading institutions for scientific developments in Pakistan and abroad. He used his diplomatic skills for fostering support to institutions, to negotiate agreements on behalf of Pakistan and the Third World countries, and to form such institutions that continue to benefit thousands today. Counted among world’s most influential physicists Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate Professor Abdus Salam is the best representation Pakistan could have had world over, as various institutions of international repute after his name are big boost for every Pakistani. He contributed to the world at various levels and in various dimensions and if we also count his personal life, he was living in at least seven dimensions at a time and handling the amount of work good enough for seven genius individuals.


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  1. There was a time in his life when even the glamour of the scientific endeavour, he so passionately pursued, was stymied by his new found love for a vigorous north- south dialogue. He came to Ottawa in 1984 and that is the first time I heard him speak extensively on the need for an unbridled flow and transfer of knowledge and technology from the north to the south, (west to the east). His conviction and claim that all knowledge is a shared heritage of all mankind, was never challenged. He saw the need for knowledge to find its natural level by freely flowing in either direction whenever inequities developed.

  2. A commendable effort by Dr. Rizvi, the series should be published as a book & kept in libraries for future generations. Pakistanis will be proud to own Dr. Salam later if not now.

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