Audio/Video: An interview of Dr. Abdus Salam: Explaining his Work

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  1. Excerpt from Light from the East, by John Freely, published in 2011, I.B. Taurus New York, page 202.
    “This revival was most dramatically evident in the career of the Pakistani physicist Abdus Salam(1926-96), who in 1979 became the first Muslim Nobel laureate, sharing the prize in physics. Salam was born in Pakistan, where he studied before going on to Cambridge, where he received his doctorate in physics, after which he held a chair at Imperial College London, until his retirement. Salam played a leading role in establishing the two most important government scientific agencies in Pakistn.: the Atomic Energy
    Commision, and the SUPARCO, of which he was the founding director. ….. And thus one of the great Muslim scientists of modern times completed the last stage of a cultural odyssey that had begun more than a 1000 years before in Baghdad’s House of Knowledge, where manuscripts from the land of the Greeks were translated into Arabic, the first stage in a journey that would take science to the West and eventually to the wider world, finally bringing it back to the lands of Islam. “

  2. Dr. Salam, rightly called a great human being and one of the greatest physicists of the 21st century.It is openly opined that had he lived a few more years of his life, he would have won two or three more Nobel Prizes, by the grace on God. What a great extraordinary man and a genius scientist son of the soil of Jhang, Pakistan. Alhamdolillah.

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