The Quaid and Qadiyanis: Should they be considered Muslims?

Source: Twitter: Shakil Mirza

Mazar-e-Quaid- mausoleum of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Karachi, Pakistan

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  1. An agreed Hadees ( Men Calla Laillah Fo Ho Wa Muslim). Being the believers of Kalma Tayabba no one can say Ahmadies are Non-Muslim. If any body says Non Muslim to a Muslim, He him-self will become a Non-Muslim.( An other Hadees ).
    The Founder of Pakistan Qaid-E-Azam said :-
    “Ahmadis are Muslims, If They Say They are Muslims and No One, Not Even the Sovereign Legislature, has the Right to Say Otherwise”. Muhammad Ali Jinnah (05 May 1944).

  2. The Quaid tried to nip the evil in the bud, but the great evil kept on growing & now Pakistan is reaping the great harvest of hate, intolerance, violence & what have you!!
    Still, Ahmadi muslims keep on praying for them as directed by their beloved Imam.

  3. In history it is documented the delegation of all major Mullahs including Ahrars( the product of Congress party or Hindus) approached Mohammed Ali Jinnah and asked if he could kick out Qadianis then they will be in his party. Qaid replied leave and next day on radio he send message all Ahmadiis should register in Muslim league.
    He was a true leader and would not bend in front of majority if they were wrong. He refused to sell handful of Qadianis due to a large group of hateful Mullahs.
    At present all leaders in every party in Pakistan every day and night singing a song to please the crowd. Their speeches are full of false colorful promises and praising people and lying to their teeth. Telling how great Pakistanis are and the country is best in the world and the whole world is in conspiracy against them.

  4. It is the right time to spread the message of our Quaid as quoted above who did unite the different sects into one Nation and was responsible to create a new country – Pakistan. As every sensible person knows “United we stand and divided we fall”, Pakistan was created by uniting different units of Muslim sects into one. Now we are destroying Pakistan by making divisions among us. God may give them sensible leaders like Quaid-e-Azam who could again unite them in one community – Pakistani leaving all sects, religions and tribes aside.

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