Communists urge revival of moral values in Russia: Morality without God?

Russian TV: The Russian Communist party (KPRF) blames the media for bringing the society to moral and spiritual decline and urges the government to introduce tougher censorship and preserve the country’s culture and traditions.

The West constantly accuses Russia for the lack of freedom. On the contrary – there is not enough control, Communists say.

“Freedom lets out both the best and the worst qualities of a person,” the KPRF believes. There must be legal limitations to prevent “the release of the worst,” the party stated in a resolution published on its official website.

The document was signed on the results of a round-table discussion on the protection of spiritual and moral traditions of Russian peoples. State Duma deputies, scientists and public activists took part in the gathering chaired by Gennady Zyuganov, the KPRF’s long-time leader.


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