Finally a Syria transition plan with real prospects

by David Ignatius, The Daily Star, Lebanon

Story Summary

To help oust President Bashar Assad, a Syrian opposition group has drafted a plan for a transitional justice system that would impose harsh penalties against diehard members of his inner circle but provide amnesty for most of his Alawite supporters.

To me, this legal transition plan is the best idea advanced so far by the Syrian rebels – because it addresses not just the brutality of the Assad regime but the real danger that Syria will descend into a chaotic failed state as the war continues and hatreds deepen.

The plan was prepared by the Syrian Support Group, which backs moderate elements within the Free Syrian Army, with help from international lawyers.

As with everything affecting Syria, time is running out before the country collapses into an anarchic failed state.

The plan prepared by the Syrian Support Group is the best road map I’ve seen, and the international community should embrace it quickly.

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