Op-Ed: Christian Arabs, You are Next

Arutz Sheva:

Christian Arabs are cosying up to the Muslims, but it will do them no good. They, too, are on the Jihad list. This includes a noted Palestinian Arab columnist who has revealed his true colors in an article for Arab media.
Given the common status as minorities within an overwhelmingly Islamic region, you might expect Christian Arabs to find common cause with Jews and Israel. But it seems that the traditional hatred of Eastern Christianity for Judaism has closed off that option.


The proof is Ray Hanania, a regular columnist for the Jerusalem Post and other publications, a well known Arab Christian, considered by them to be a “moderate Palestinian”.
His recent column in the Saudi Gazette and Al Arabiya, is a sum of Arab Christian hatred for Israel expressed in political and theological terms.Hanania slams “Israel’s racist claims to Palestine” and contends that “Palestinians like myself have more of a claim to ‘Israel’ than Jews, many of whom are converts to Judaism who long ago lost any links to the Biblical Hebrew people”.
According to this experienced columnist, Israel is more racist with Christians than the Muslims. He writes: “Israel, which claims to be the ‘homeland of the Jewish people’, rejects all Jews who believe in Jesus. The logic continues along the same lines for those Jews who became Christians and who later, in the 7th century, became followers of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Maybe that is why Muslims have shown more compassion for Christians, and why Israeli Jews hate Christians as much as they hate Muslims”.
According to Hanania, “Arab Muslims have done far more to protect Middle East Christians, mainly because they too suffer as a result of Israeli war crimes.
Today, Israel is doing everything it can to destroy not only the Muslim claim to Palestine but the Christian claim, too. In fact, for Israelis, destroying the Arab Christian presence in Palestine is more important than destroying the Muslim claim to Palestine”.

Hamas, Fatah and Iran’s Ahmadinejad could have not said it better.

And that’s not all. “Without America, Israel would be just another apartheid South Africa”, Christian columnist continues, suggesting Muslims “include Arab Christians in their organizations, recognizing them as the ‘New Jews’ of today’s world”.


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  1. Readers please note: It is important to take always note of who the writers are. This News comes from IsraelNationalNews.com. Please bear in mind when pondering over the contents of the News. (Many times now-a-days the origin of News is hidden. This one at least is open).

  2. I do not quite understand why Israel did not bother to get the Arab Christians sort of ‘on their side’. It should not have been all that difficult. But they did not even try…

  3. for an average person like me all that crazy talk is annoying . as a child with other siblings I asked my mother who do you love more , the response was , I love the one thats far away more until he comes home ,I love the one thats weak and ill until he he’s healed and regains his strength , I love the youngest until he grows up and is able to stand on his own feet. this is how jacob(as) responded to his children so I was told. but today the way I see the situation especially in the middle east,It’s hard to tell who’s the distant , who’s the sick one , or who’s the childish one .I tell my children the same story when they ask me the same question. As an adult my mother’s response without question the one who is willing to sacrifice himself, time and children to make mother happy and gain my blessings.I hope they all figure out which one

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