Prophet Muhammad

Listen to or read a few verses from the Qaseedah – the Imam Mahdi’s poem in praise of the Holy Prophet sa. – and more…

Selected verses from the Qaseedah (mp3 / mp3 lajna) Al-Qaseedah – Poem in praise of Holy Prophet The Excellences of Prophethood Attained Their Climax in the Holy Prophet The Holy Prophet (from Essence of Islam – Vol. 1) Khataman-Nabiyyeen Through the Eyes of the Promised Messiah Importance of Following the […]

Muhammad, Messenger of Peace

Source/Credit: By Shahina Bashir   In 1978, Michael Hart published his book titled “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History.” In this book, Hart rankedProphet Muhammad as the number one most influential person in history. He wrote: “My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the […]

A Graceful Event in Germany

By Zubair Khan Majlis Ansarullah Germany, an auxiliary organization comprising male members age 40 and above of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany organized a graceful event in beautiful Noor-Ud-Din Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque Darmstadt, a city 45 km from Frankfurt in direction South. Event named 6th all Germany competitions for Recitation of […]