A year in women: notable female achievements of 2012, from Malala to Hillary

Global Post: From Malala Yousafzai to Aung Sang Suu Kyi to Hillary Clinton, 2012 was a dramatic year for women.

Women made major steps forward in politics and in business. But horrific acts of violence against an Indian medical student and an outspoken Pakistani preteen proved how far there still is to go for women’s rights.

Here is a look some of the big milestones for women this year.

Obama’s re-election wasn’t the only big story out of the November US elections: 20 women were elected to the Senate this year, a record number. Although the numbers are still grossly skewed in favor of men in the Senate, America’s female politicians may prove they can punch above their weight in 2013.

Female voters had a decisive role in the election, with a healthy 55 percent of the women’s vote directed to Barack Obama. Concerned about reproductive rights, the economy, and same-sex marriage (among other worries,) 6 percent more women turned out to vote than their male counterparts, skewing in favor of Obama and the Democratic Party.


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