Women’s Power

Suppressed History Archives — by Max Dashu What does that mean? Women who openly display their power, knowledge, and skill, receiving public recognition and honor. But also females who manage to wield power in societies that try to limit it or decree female submission; where their leadership is stigmatized and […]

We All Wear Masks

Huff Post: by Peter J. Rubenstein. Choosing Your Legacy We all wear masks. We wear a mask to hide our self-perceived faults and weakness: the mask of certainty when we are shaken, the mask of gregariousness when we might be shy the mask of humor when we’re hurting, the mask […]

14 Things You Can’t Do

Business Insider:  Dan Waldschmidt. Basically, all of life comes down to a simple reality: “You can’t keep doing the wrong things and get the right results.” You can’t learn if you aren’t willing to listen.  You can’t care less about others and expect them to care more about you. You can’t […]

The wisdom of women written out of history

the guardian The female of the species is more deadly than the male, cautioned Rudyard Kipling. Given Kipling’s love of mythology and prehistoric studies, he should perhaps have added “and smarter”. Because of all deities of wisdom across the globe and through known time, the massive majority – 97% – were […]