Jerusalem Post: Israel to boost Gaza imports under truce deal

Photo: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters


12/26/2012 18:43

Israel to begin allowing 20 trucks with construction materials enter Gaza each day; Defense Ministry source says easing of blockade part of ongoing dialogue with Egypt over November ceasefire agreement.

Israel will begin allowing 20 trucks with construction material to enter the Gaza Strip per day starting next week, defense officials told The Jerusalem Post Thursday.

The new construction material will be for the Palestinian private sector, as opposed to the construction material which has been entering Gaza until now, earmarked for internationally-funded building projects.

Private sector building materials have been banned since 2007 due to security concerns that the material was used to manufacture rockets that were fired at Israeli civilians.

The easing of security conditions will also include entry permits for 60 trucks carrying other goods per day, as well as buses.

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NOTE BY THE EDITOR: “To permit 20 trucks per day with construction matieral”, after having reduced a large part of Gaza to rubble during the recent attacks, is like a slap in the face of the Palestinian People. (Just my personal opinion).

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