Video-Jamaat Islami- Fascism, Corruption and Pakistan- Shocking Revelations by Faruq Maududi- Son of Maulana Maududi

Youtube: Video from last year but contains extremely shocking revelations by Farooq Maududi, son of Maulana Maududi. He paints a pathetic picture of his death, betrayal by his closest friends and warns that Pakistan will be destroyed if JI takes over. Worth watching for those who wish to see how Allah is destroying the enemies of Ahmadiyya Muslims. JI has played a lead role in persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan since 1953.


Watch here: 

2 replies

  1. Maududi was an anti-Pakistan religious zealot. Only after Pakistan became a reality, he decided to move here. Another reason was that conservative Indian religious leaders did not allow him to have any role there and the progressive Muslim leaders despised him and what he stood for.
    It is true that JI is a facist party which has played a dirty role in persecuting anyone who did not agree with them; Two clear examples are Allamah Perwaiz and Ahmedis..

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