The defining moment

Daily Times: Mohammad Ahmad.

Jinnah’s Pakistan was to be a land free of prejudice. Discrimination was to be the forbidden word in Jinnah’s Pakistan. Jinnah’s Pakistan was not created for the Taliban.

The destiny of Pakistan will not be inked by India, the US or China. The future of Pakistan will be determined by the choice of its people. Do we want to take the easy path of doom and be ruled by the Taliban or do we want to take the path of struggle where the reward is prosperity, freedom, and democracy? Now is the defining moment. It is either now or never.

It was Bashir Bilour on Saturday and Benazir Bhutto before that. Some other brave leader may be next but then the serpent of terror will also strike the timid. Its war is with democracy, freedom and any system that allows plurality of views even if it is in a stifled fashion. Even decades of military rule has not been successful in making people who democratically achieved a country believe in any system other than democracy and this is what is at stake. A successful election in Pakistan is the worst nightmare for terrorists who want the system to crumble and offer them the window to attain power here.


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