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Meeting of the Bay Area interfaith giants

By H. Koya(PhD), chair Interfaith America

(L-R. Fiji Sun Editor Dr. H. Koya chair Interfaith America, Iftekhar Hai president UMA Interfaith and Imam Mubashir Ahmad missionary Ahmadiyya Muslim Community)

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO  (Sat. Dec 22,2012) – After months of planning and trying to find an ideal time, finally I was able to arrange a luncheon meeting with Imam Mubashir and Brother Iftekhar Hai, the president of United Muslims Interfaith at his Apian Way home.

In a more than two –hour discussions – the first ever with a mainstream Muslim stream Muslim leader in the Bay Area – Maulana Mubashir Ahmad and Iftekhar Hai shared a wide range views  both on Islam in America and the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan.

The UMA Interfaith president Iftekhar Hai said he was not in favor of the Wahhabi version of Islam and explained he is currently involved in replacing the Holy Quran that carries their translation in which Christians and Jews have been mentioned in a tone not in accord with the central theme of the Holy Quran.

He said that it was concerning to note that Wahhabi version of Quran has also gained presence in China and efforts are made to replace them with the more moderate Yusuf Ali translations.

Imam Mubashir Ahmad said Jamaat Ahmadiyya has its Chinese translation and would be happy to make it available to brother Iftekhar for his reference in his work on the project.

An understanding was reached for everyone to work as a team on key issues that affect all Muslims in USA leaving behind the sectarian differences.

The UMA Interfaith president Iftekhar Hai made it clear that he was against calling any one KAFIR and revealed that he has studied the Ahmadiyya views. He said liked their stand on Jihad – no war – instead to take to Jihad-e-Akbar.

Koya added that it took a while for American Muslims to accept the concept propounded by the founder of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat more than 100 years ago.  911 compelled the change of Muslim mind set and giving a fresh breath of air for all.

In an effort  to explain the Ahmadiyya beliefs, Imam Mubashir said there two types of nabis or prophets one that brings a law and one that does not bring a law.  Ahmadis believe that law-bearing prophets will not come at all.  The Holy Prophet of Islam (peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) was the last law-bearing prophet.

Imam Mubashir further submitted that those who hold the belief that Jesus is alive in heaven and will come down alive from heaven also believe that he will be a prophet and this coming will be after the Holy Prophet.

He presented a selection of books to UMA Interfaith president Iftekhar Hai who graciously hosted a sumptuous lunch for all.







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