Aboul Fotouh, Mursi and dictatorship of the majority

Source: Arab News:

Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh is an Islamist, a member of the Brotherhood and major political leader in Egypt, was not afraid to say in his speech the right words in these difficult times in Egypt.
He said he was against ousting President Muhammed Mursi because the majority elected him. At the same time, he is against the tyranny of the president no matter who he was, adding that the president could only be protected by the Egyptian people who elected him.
He also said that the presidential palace belongs to the people and does not belong to anyone in particular, neither the president nor the Brotherhood. He called upon President Mursi to be the president of all Egyptians because, thanks to them, he is now sitting on the presidential chair.
There are other Islamists who are also against Mursi in the current crisis and therefore the issue is not between Islamists and others, but purely a political conflict.
Although the dispute is on key issues, such as the constitution and the judiciary, the differences are resolvable, by amending certain paragraphs of the constitution and by reversing the presidential declaration intending to revoke it. The reason for the failure to reconcile is either because the presidency or the opposition forces do not want a solution, or do not have conflict management skills.


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  1. we have to consider that ‘democracy’ is a relatively new thing in Egypt, and a ‘foreign’ import. Consequently a lot of the present troubles are in fact ‘democracy toothing problems’. Or, to use the expression of the article, ‘missing management skills’.

  2. To me also mismanagement seems over riding. Invite Morsi to Jordan to get some crisis management lessons.

  3. Muslim Brotherhood has roots of extremism before or Jamal Nasir regime. If the members prevail democratic process in the country, then it’s ok, otherwise this Islamist group had no record of democracy.

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