Desecration of Ahmadiyya Graves- Boulta Pakistan

Source: Aaj News Television, Pakistan:



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  1. We congratulate Aaj News TV for its moral courage to raise its voice against injustice, discrimination and denial of basic human rights to Ahmadi citizens of Pakistan.

  2. Very well said Mushtaq Mihas Sahib. I can only pray for those who have done this barbaric act in the name of religion as they do not know what they are doing. May Allah guide them to understand beautifull teachings of Islam brought by our holy master Muhammad pbuh and not the Islam of Mullah. Please let our deceased rest in peace.

  3. Three graves, one my younger sister (died 1984 at the aged of 3), second, my grandfather died in 1974 during riots against Jamat Ahmadiyy and grandmother (died in 1968) have been desecrated in my village, Phagla, 10 KM to Mansehra, Pakistan in 1989 and this acts is again repeated in a City of Lahore.

    I have no words to condemn this act. I cannot digest what sort of these people are. I cannot comprehend what this kind of mentality is!! Yes… I can one thing for sure, Almighty Allah blessed with more and more eternal peace on these graves! Rest Assured!

  4. It is true that Aaj tv has take a very bold step to make comments and discourage the culprits and notorious gangsters who have done this inhuman unislamic act. In this duscussion
    One suggestion is notable verycarefully that it is advised to all Pakistani ahmadies if they want or they are forced to leave or migrate from their belove homland Pakistan they should take thier deads with them out of Pakistan

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