Merkel: ‘Stop worrying about Muslims!’

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Chancellor Angela Merkel was clear about her thoughts towards the three million Muslims living in Germany. Islam, she said, “is a part of us.”
In the wake of a turbulent year for the German Muslim community, Merkel urged her country against generalising, news magazine Der Spiegel said on Thursday. “We absolutely have to make sure that we do not tar everyone with the same brush,” she said. “(Radical) Islamism is not Islam in Germany and the majority of Muslims here clearly distance themselves from violence.”Merkel, who leads the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), suggested to viewers that as Christians, her party members should spend a little more time thinking and talking about Christianity “than being afraid of Islam,” Die Welt reported.


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  1. Now that is called statesmanship or shall we call ‘statewomenship.’ She has done so much better than those who follow the fear of the masses rather than leading them with a positive vision.

  2. She suggested to her viewers that as Christians, her party members should spend a little more time thinking and talking about Christianity “than being afraid of Islam,”
    What a wonderful and full of wisdom advice for those who know nothing about their own religions and keep on poking their noses in orher`s.

  3. A wonderful approach by this Iron Lady of Europe. After having analysed the current scenario one aught to agree that fault also lies with those Muslims who go and dance on the music of others on streets, involve in violence and bring bad stigma to Islam. However whole fault is not with Muslim. Some has to be shared by others also. When western powerful countries want to ban some thing they do come in motion and formulate legislation to avert such happenings. For example in Austria, the Verbotsgesetz 1947 provided the legal framework for the process of “denazification” in Austria and suppression of any potential revival of Nazism. In 1992, it was amended to prohibit the denial or gross minimisation of the Holocaust.
    In Belgium, vide Article 1 whoever, in the circumstances given in article 444 of the Penal Code denies, grossly minimises, attempts to justify, or approves the genocide committed by the German National Socialist Regime during the Second World War shall be punished by a prison sentence of eight days to one year, and by a fine of twenty six francs to five thousand francs.In Germany, Volksverhetzung (“incitement of the people”) is a concept in German criminal law that bans the incitement of hatred against a segment of the population. It often applies in (although is not limited to) trials relating to Holocaust denial in Germany. In addition, Strafgesetzbuch § 86a outlaws various symbols of “unconstitutional organisations”, such as the Swastika and the SS runes. The list goes on and on.. these laws were made specifically to protect the interests of Jews. NO one is against these laws since they tend to protect the humanity as a whole against genocide but why the “biasness” and hypocrisy when it comes to the sentiments of Muslims?? if an advert of a Nun can be banned from publishing in London just because it hurts the sentiments of catholic church and the Pope then why is West turning a blind eye towards the sentiments of Muslims? where does the FREEDOM OF SPEECH act goes when people want to discuss Holocaust, or some advertising agency wants to put a billboard of a pregnant nun??!

  4. Certainly the full of Wisdom “Stateswomansip” is there to lead its people in positive direction. She is an enlightened figure not only for European political leadership (say France and Switzerland) but there is lot that can be learned in Pakistan by the so called political leaders. Had Bhutto and Zia followed this vision things would have been much better in today’s Pakistan. PTI and APML need to think bit more deeply as there is no hope from PML-N or other coward leadership to wipe out the reasons that has divided basically peace loving Pakistani society into sectarianism turned into terrorism.

  5. Quoting the Indian Express
    Chancellor Angela Merkel says Islam has become a part of Germany and she is urging her fellow citizens to show tolerance to Muslims.

    She told members of her conservative Christian Democratic party yesterday the great majority of Muslims in Germany have distanced themselves from the recent violence during protests against an anti-Islam video.

    About Islam, Merkel said that Germans “should be open about it and say, ‘yes, it’s part of us.'” She added that Christians should maybe start thinking and talking more about their own religion again “rather than having fear of Islam.”

    Germany is home to an estimated 4 million Muslims.

    Merkel’s comment follow former President Christian Wulff’s remarks who surprised many in 2010 by saying that “Islam now also belongs to Germany.”

  6. She has shown her stateswomanship before too; when she opted out of NATO in favour of diplomacy and not war in Iraq.

  7. A very rational and sensible approach from Chancellor Angela Merkel. Women can be so responsible and just. I am proud of her. I salute her.

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