Swiss president hones in on UN reforms

by Rita Emch in New York,

In a speech before the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Swiss President Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf has urged swift action against Syria human rights violations. She also reiterated calls for reforms to the UN organisation.

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Reforms and security

During its ten years of UN membership, Switzerland has been active in encouraging reforms of UN institutions and advocating for human rights issues. In her speech, Widmer-Schlumpf urged that the reform projects of the UN Secretary General be implemented as soon as possible.

Those reforms would help the UN find solutions to conflicts instead of blocking resolutions. Many critics find that the permanent Security Council members’ veto powers should be adjusted in cases of human rights violations or war crimes.

Widmer-Schlumpf also encouraged the UN to continue to develop its mediation and conflict prevention abilities. She noted that over the past ten years, Switzerland has been an active part of around 30 mediation sessions in about 20 countries.

Rita Emch in New York,
(Translated from German by Veronica De Vore)

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