Muslims sets for Jalsa Salana

Alton Herald: ONE of Britain’s oldest Muslim communities will gather on a 210-acre site at East Worldham, near Alton, next weekend to celebrate the Jalsa Salana.

Billed as Britain’s biggest annual Islamic Convention, the three-day gathering at Hadeeqatul Mahdi – formerly Oaklands Farm – will see up to 30,000 Ahmadiyya from the UK and around the world gather to reinforce their Islamic beliefs, enhance their religious knowledge and strengthen their ties.

This is the 46th annual convention (Jalsa) but only the sixth on the site at East Worldham.

According to Ahamdiyya Muslim Association UK’s Dr Basharat Nazir, this year the Jalsa date has moved from its usual slot at the end of July to early September due to a clash with Ramadan.

For full story, see this week’s Alton Herald.


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  1. We all are exited to attend this year’s UK jalsa Salana. I hope this year’s Jalsa will attract many more people arround the world which will include Ahmadi Muslims, non ahmadi muslims, and non muslims as well and they will see light of truth, the face of Islam and many will join this this movement by the Grace of Allah.

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