Are Pakistani Ahmadis loyal to their homeland?

Credit: ET via Wasim Sroya

Is AQ Khan alleging that he is a patriot while Ahmadis are not loyal to Pakistan? PHOTO: REUTERS

Consider this before buying your next Umra package: Jabbar sahib can grab your shoulder, beam you to the Kaaba from anywhere in the world, where you can offer prayers and return back home in no time.

The idea is laughable on many accounts. It rejects physical laws, discards scientific evidence, and makes a mockery of Islamic practices too. Add to the giggles that it was not an illiterate mullah, but Pakistan’s star scientist, AQ Khan, who made this assertion. Please watch the following video clip from 37:30 minute onwards.


That’s where the laughter ends. Because, as you may have noticed in the video, his claim was preceded by a brazen attack against Ahmadis in the following words:

Hum Bhopalion ko do cheezon per fakhr hai: aik tau ye ke humaray haan aaj tak koi ghaddaar peda nahin hua, aur humain iss per bhi fakhr hai ke humaray haan aaj tak koi Qadiani peda nahin hua.”

“We Bhopalis are proud of two things: First, that Bhopal has never produced a traitor. And then we are also proud of the fact that we have never produced a Qadiyani”

What? Is AQ Khan alleging that he is a patriot while Ahmadis are not loyal to Pakistan? Does he have data to support this absurd allegation or is he pulling just another ‘Jabbar sahib?’

Regardless, the crowd’s reaction to his hate mongering suggests that many have bought into this propaganda. Therefore it’s important to confront such vitriol against a beleaguered community.

That AQ Khan is an opportunistic businessman, not a diehard Pakistani fan, is the topic for a separate piece altogether. But first, consider the 80-year long record of the loyalty of Pakistani Ahmadis.

1930s: In 1932, when Mr Jinnah retreated to the UK in frustration over the second Round Table Conference, it was the Ahmadi Missionary in London, Abdur Raheem Dard, who persuaded him to return and fight for the Muslims of the subcontinent. The Sunday Times London (April 9, 1933) published a candid acknowledgment by Mr Jinnah:

“The eloquent persuasion of Imam left me no way of escape.”

Mr Khan, is this the disloyalty of which you accuse Ahmadis of?

1940s: Sardar Shaukat Hayat on page 147 of his book “The Nation That Lost Its Soul,” mentions an incidence where Quaid-e-Azam asked him to seek Ahmadis’ support for the Muslim League. The Ahmadiya khalifa, Mirza Bashirud-Din Mahmood, responded:

“Please convey to Quaid-e-Azam that we have been praying for his mission from the very beginning. Where the help of his followers is concerned, no Ahmadi will stand (in elections) against any Muslim Leaguer.”

Remember, Mr Khan, back then your beloved Mullahs – who pretend to be the poster children of Pakistan’s loyalty today– would call your country ‘Napakistan’.

1940s: At the request of the Pakistani government, Ahmadis formed a military unit called ‘Furqan Force‘ to support Pakistan in the First Kashmir War of 1948. Furthermore, this unit’s troops were drawn from the Ahmadiyya community – even its expenses were paid for by Ahmadis.

Mr Khan, please tell your audience that at that time, you and your family were loyal Indians, still living in Bhopal.

1950s: Even the critics of Islam considered Zafrullah Khan, an Ahmadi and Pakistan’s first foreign minister, ‘as important to Pakistan’s independence as Thomas Jefferson was to the emergence of the United States’. He not only represented Pakistan on the Kashmir dispute in the Security Council but also fought for the independence of other Muslim countries including Libya, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, Tunis, Morocco, Palestine and Indonesia during 1948-54.

Then why do the critics call you the Merchant of Menace, Mr Khan? )

1960s: Major General Iftikhar Janjua Shaheed (Hilal-e-Jurat), an Ahmadi, led the Pakistan Army at the Rann of Kutch sector during the 1965 War and became the only Pakistani general to give his life in combat at the Chamb sector in 1971. In the same war, two Ahmadi brothers, Lt General Akhtar Hussain Malik (Hilal-e-Jurat) and Lt General Abdul Ali Malik (Hilal-e-Jurat) valiantly led the Kashmir and Sialkot sectors.


6 replies

  1. Faheem Younus you did a superb job. Also credit to ET which dared to carry this master piece. After reading so many examples one dares not to doubt the loyalty of Pakistani Ahmadies.True the Pakistani political, military and judiciary elite has lost rationality sense and logic. But Mr AQ Khan will also land in same category was a surprise for me. Might be so called Dr Liaqat provoked him to fetch cheap popularity. But I am sure it is going to back fire sooner or later. Just to inform Dr AQ Khan Mr Obaidullah Aleem who was a devotee Ahamdi and very high stature poet belonged to Bhopal. Yes the same Bhopal about which Dr AQ boasted the pride for not producing any Qadiani. His son Umain Aleem also serves Ahmadiyya Community at a very position. I shall sincerely advise Dr AQ Khan to take care of his stature and personality as he is considered in a high esteem. He should not degrade himself by participating in programs aimed to get cheap popularity and in TV commercials etc. God is very kind and has bestowed upon you an honour and respect. Please do not disgrace yourself by involving in dirty things and activities.

  2. Qadianis are paid back in same currency for what they did to Fakhar ud Din Multani shaheed, Shaikh Abdur Rehman Misri, Abdul Manan Omar and other children of Maulana Noor ud Din, Maulana Muhammad Ali and other Lahori-Ahmadi companions of Hazart Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Mian Zahid of Mubailiah Group, Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool and other members of Haqiqat Passand Party etc. Qadianis DESERVE this. MAHMUDI FOLLOWERS OF MIRZA MAHMUD AHMAD ARE BEING PUNISHED BY ALLAH SWT. ALLAH-O-AKBAR.

  3. Today nothing in the world is hidden. The likes of A Q Khan are very well understood. If not Allah is there to judge. So no worries. Allhamdulillah. As our absolute trust is on our Beloved God.
    Let them be happy for time being.

  4. @ Rashid Jahangiri, it is your view point. Muslim Times facilitates freedom of expression as long it stays with in decent limits. If Lahori Group or Haqiqat Pasand Party was that close to the truth then where are they now. Be honest and say with fairness do you see any comarison between real Ahamdiyya Jamaat connected with Khilafat and those who left it.

  5. Right! The difference between the progress of both sects is
    very brightly obvious. If Someone does not want to admit it is another thing.

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