Displaced Ahmadiyah Sect Celebrates a Somber Idul Fitri at Shelter

The Jakarta Globe: It was a solemn Idul Fitri for the 33 Ahmadiyah families who spent the holiday living at the Haj Transito dormitory in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara.

The Ahmadis were forcibly displaced from their homes in West Lingsar, West Lombok, in February of 2006. Local residents told the members of the beleaguered Islamic sect to convert to mainstream Islam if they want to return.

 Seven years later, 128 men, women and children were still sleeping at the dormitory. Dozens of others have moved in with friends and families in Lombok. They share a large open hall separated into smaller cubicles by curtains hung from the ceiling.

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  1. Allah bless you all and shall, insha Allah, give you best rewards for your suffering and sacrifice. We pray to Allah and hope your deprivation will end and your human rights are restored. Ameen.

  2. Allah will NEVER , (Insha’Allah) let yours suffering go in waste. His pleasure and best reward will be bestowed on you.
    So be steadfast as you are already, Allah’s help will sure reach you in the best manners.Amen.
    you and your generations after generations will see the fruits of this sacrifice. Insha’Allah

    Our deepest prayers and love is with you all. God Bless you.All.Amen

  3. It is so heart saddening to know that they could not afford new cloths even for the kids. I wonder if Jamaat could help them?
    I mean Jamaat always does. But how they were left behind?
    May Allah enable them to get back to their homes as soon as possible.
    It is credible that their hopes are still high. To live without water and electricity now days, is as if living without the necessities of life.
    These countries are tropical countries, although they have rains but still the climate is often hot. One needs fans and fridges.
    I wonder how they meet their expanses of living?
    May Allah come closer to them and take away their agony. In fact it is an agony of us all.

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