Ahmadiyyat: True Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa


In a recent Poll, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has defined, what joins and separates the Muslims.  There is a 164 page report of the Poll that took 38,000 face to face interviews.

Based on how Muslims self-identify in the survey, the 38 countries where the questions were asked can be grouped into four categories: 1) predominantly Sunni; 2) mix of Sunni and Shia; 3) predominantly “just a Muslim”; and 4) countries with no prevailing sectarian identity. These categories do not fully overlap with regional divisions, but certain geographic patterns are evident. For example, countries without a clear, dominant sectarian identity are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa in addition to Central Asia and across Southern and Eastern Europe.

According to the Poll, Forty eight percent in Sub-Saharan Africa call themselves as Sunni Muslim.  But, the more dramatic feature of the region is that good 23% call themselves, ‘Just a Muslim.’  In addition to Muslims who identify as Sunni, Shia or “just a Muslim,” the survey finds substantial percentages of Muslims who express affiliation with other sects or movements. For instance, many Muslims, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, identify as Ahmadiyyas.  This affiliation is most common in Ghana (16%), Tanzania, (15%), Cameroon (12%) and Liberia (10%).

These developments in Sub-Saharan Africa, as reported by the Pew Forum reminded me of a prophecy by the Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which he wrote in a book, The Narrative of Two Martyrdoms, in 1903:

Ye all people, listen carefully, and remember, that these prophecies are from God Almighty, Who made the earth and the heavens. He will spread this, His Own Movement, in all foreign countries; with reason and argument, He will make it prevail everywhere. The days are coming–indeed they are very near, when, all over the world, there shall be only one religion which people will mention with respect. Allah will invest this religion, with extraordinary blessings even such as shall seem to be supernatural; and He will utterly disappoint those who long to see its destruction.  And this dominance shall last for ever, even until the coming of Day of Judgment.

Hear well, and clearly, bear in mind that no one will come down from the heavens.  The present generation will pass and then the children of their children also shall pass away, and they also shall not see the son of Mary coming down from the sky. Then Allah will cause a great uneasiness to spring up in their minds, that the time of the dominance of the cross also had gone by and the world had passed into another phase, another era, but Isa, the son of Mary, had not come down from the heavens. Then, all at once, so to say, people endowed with wisdom and discernment will get disgusted with this belief; and counting from this day, the third century will not be completed, when all those waiting for the appearance of Isa, among the Muslims, as well as the Christians, will give up this belief in a great disappointment and a pitiful disillusionment. Then, all over the world, there shall be only one religion, only one guide, only one leader. I have come but to sow the seed, and this task has been duly achieved at my hand. The seed shall now grow and multiply; it will come into bloom and bear fruit-and there is no one to stop it from doing so. (Tazkria-tulShahadatain)

Please note that the prophecy has a time scale of 300 years.  By the Grace of Allah, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has enjoyed tremendous progress in all continents during the first 120 years of its history, starting in 1889 CE.

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  1. Subhan’Allah…
    Insha’Allah Ahmadiyyat will sway the earth…
    Days are knocking at door, when the flag of Ahmadiyyat will be flying high across the world.

  2. …but we should realize that we have an absolutely TREMENDOUS task and duty still in front of us and we should not be proud and satisfied with our achievements…

    Look at today’s “Islamic” world! They need the guidance of the Ameer-ul-Momineen, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih. He sent letters to some world leaders. It is our task that all world citizens will get to know these letters AND UNDERSTAND THEM.

    May Allah assist us in our task.

  3. Pages where the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is spoken off:

    Page 23: Comment on how other Muslims view us.

    Page 29: % Muslims who identify themselves as part of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Wish they had done this survey in all countries …

    Page 93: Whether people view Ahmadis as Muslims. There are still significant percentages of Muslims who have not heard of Ahmadiyya. In this day and age of media and ease of communication it must be said that Ahmadis have lots of work to do to spread the message. It is not our reponsibility to convert but it is our responsibility to spread the message and if 26% of people in Pakistan still haven’t heard of us or don’t know whether we are Muslim/Non-Muslim then that is worrying.

    Page 112: Seems like they took the definition common to Lahoris and those who pledge allegience to Hazrat Khalifat-ul-Masih. i.e. that all Ahmadis believe Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a reformer (while we additionally believe in him being an Ummati Nabi).

    Page 128

    Page 133

    Page 151

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